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Seattle WA Dentist D. Andrew Lewis, DDS, FAGD believes in comprehensive dentistry. It isn't enough to have your smile look beautiful - he wants your teeth to be healthy. Before undertaking any cosmetic dental work, he'll perform a full exam of your jaw, gums and teeth to be certain the foundations are strong and in good repair.

In 2007, Dr. Lewis earned the prestigious Fellowship award from the Academy of General Dentistry and has been a Seattle Metropolitan Magazine Top Dentist for the past 6 years.

Dental Implants Seattle WA

Dental implants are titanium root substitutes. They are placed into the jawbone. After the implant has bonded to the jawbone, the second phase begins. Dr. Lewis will be able to begin making your new teeth. An impression must be taken. Then attachments (abutments) can be connected to the implants. The teeth replacements are then made over the abutments. Most patients do not experience any disruption in their daily life and will enjoy a natural look and feel.

Porcelain Veneers Seattle WA

Porcelain is used in dentistry to create beautiful smiles and virtually invisible restorations. Porcelain onlays are bonded to the teeth creating a tight, superior fit to the natural tooth. The tooth remains intact and stronger. Porcelain crowns rebuild damaged teeth without showing. Porcelain veneers improve your smile by repairing gaps between your teeth, and teeth that are stained, badly shaped or crooked.